What Our Clients are Saying

2 months ago –

“Awesome place!!! From the moment I walked out of my first session, I already felt the positive outcome!”

3 years ago –

“I have been through many therapists but none can compare to this place. They not only will work with you but they are the kindest people you will every meet. They helped me through past issues and were there for me when my sister died. I am so grateful that I found this place. This may be my last appointment and the last time I come here, but I will never forget.”

8 months ago –

“Everything about this place is amazing!!! I almost went to another place that was willing to disclose my information to a family member who goes to the therapist.  I knew that was wrong.  I did my research and found this amazing place!!!  They will do anything and everything they can to accommodate you, and not once have I received bad service from anyone here!!! I highly, HIGHLY, recommend this place!!!”

10 months ago –

“awesome team dedicated to helping and serving others! in any area of weakness.”

1 year ago –

“Phyllis is amazing she has helped with tough situations on my life.  She taught me to face them head on without fear.  Her compassion and care is unmatched.”

18 months ago-

“This place is great! They have a number of different group sessions with people going through similar life situations. Counselors speak from their own personal experience and not only from a degree. there is no dress code or rule book. I would say this is a judgment free zone rooting from people that in the past, have received help themselves. If you truly need help don’t give up and COME HERE!”