I love to hike, explore ruins, take day trips, and find great new places to eat. M mother and I have started “Bucket List” trips and are working on crossing great places off our list. My favorite hobby is playing with my grandchildren.

education and experience

I have been a social worker for the past 10 years. I have worked at several agencies, most of which specialized in substance abuse, mental health, co-occurring disorders, domestic violence and trauma. My main focus is on EMDR and holistic approaches to mental health.

I graduated in 2009 will my bachelors in Social Work at New Mexico Highlands University. I was accepted into Highlands Advanced Standing Program and completed my Master’s in Social Work in 2010. I have training in Trauma, substance use and domestic violence.

Most of my experience has been in co-occurring disorders, substance use and trauma.

why i am a counselor

I first became a social worker because my father was on hospice care and I loved the social worker. I first planned on working with the elderly but ended up focusing mostly on holistic approaches and trauma work. I love being a scoial worker and watching people grow into their authentic selves, especially after trauma or addiction.

My goals as a social worker is to keep learning new therapy approaches to better serve my clients. I hope to keep learning and growing both as an individual and social worker.