I have many interests, including: politics, keeping up with the news, reading and watching sports. I am a big chess player and gardener. Tending to my own garden gives me a feeling of being closely in touch with nature. I enjoy taking walks and shooting photos of birds, flowers, and trees. I am a social person who belongs to a senior mom’s group. It’s great to cultivate new friendships, laugh, and joke with the ‘guys.’

Education and Experience

Dr. Shore is a licensed psychologist in the state of New Mexico. He has lived in this state for nine years and decided to settle here after living in Maryland, Virginia, Georgia, and Texas. He wanted to continue his counseling education after earning a Bachelor’s Degree at Temple University in his hometown of Philadelphia. He went back and got his Master’s in Psychology at Catholic University, then earned a doctoral degree in counseling psychology at University of Georgia in 1987.

Dr. Shore has worn many hats over his 35 years of being in this field; including instructor, consultant, and clinical supervisor. His major passion has been counseling clients with a wide range of issues and life challenges in individual, group and family therapy settings. He recently came out of retirement and is on our staff on a part-time basis.

Why I Am A Counselor

I am a counselor because, since I was a teenager, I felt a passion for helping others deal with crises and major transitions. I enjoy watching my clients get their lives back in order, as well as gain valuable insights and life skills they can use for many years to come.

Some of my personal goals are to develop a better balance in my life, so that I always get enough rest and relaxation, because I have a tendency to drive myself to achieve a lot. I have a second career as an author of novels. My fourth one just got published this year. Another goal of mine is to continue to have meaningful and close relationships with family and friends, some of whom are experiencing problems that go along with getting older.